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Our Oxford wasp nest removal service is just a phone call or email away, so there’s no need to panic if you discover a nest on your property. We have been treating nests of all shapes and sizes for many years, and we have become the number one choice for many domestic and commercial clients throughout Oxfordshire.

We never forget that every one of our customers has a choice, and that there are a great many pest control companies in the area. We have built a reputation for being the best, and we do all we can to underline this. We arrive when we say we will, we provide guaranteed results and, crucially, we offer a fixed price service that contains no hidden extras.

Treating a wasp nest in Oxford can be a dangerous job for the well-meaning amateur, so we always recommend leaving such matters to the experts. Our pest controllers are highly trained, extremely knowledgeable and totally reliable, so you know you’re dealing with accredited professionals. Oxford Wasp Nest Removal take all the stress away from the situation right from the start.

Discreet Service

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Only £45.00 inc

Get rid of wasps, hornets & bees for only £45.00!

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Same Day Service

We recognise our customers’ need for a rapid response when dealing with a wasp nest, and that’s why in most cases we come out on the day we are called. During a particularly busy period, it may have to be the next day, but once we arrive we treat the nest quickly and effectively. Whether you’re a home or a business owner, you can rely on us to get the job done.

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Guaranteed Treatments

Our ultra-strong insecticide gets to work straight away, and it has a  impressive success rate. We use specialist long-reach equipment to apply the chemicals, so even nests in hard to reach locations can be treated with ease. And our guarantee of customer satisfaction means that we will make a repeat visit for no extra charge should the first application prove unsuccessful.

Safe & Effective

We ask that children and pets be kept away from the vicinity while we spray, but once we have done this the area will soon be safe once again. We apply our insecticide to the access points which the wasps are using, and from there the insects take the chemicals into the nest. After a couple of hours, you can expect to see little or no wasp activity.

Service You Can Trust

When you call our Oxford wasp control specialists, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with credible, trustworthy professionals who always know what they’re doing. Wasp nests can contain several thousand inhabitants, especially in the late summer months when their numbers are likely to increase dramatically, but we have the solution for you.


Many of our customers become aware of the presence of a nest purely by noticing more wasp activity than usual. If you see greater numbers in and around the property, you may have a nest nearby. To find out the truth, all you need to do is call our experts. If we find a nest, we will of course eradicate the insects in as speedy a time as possible.

Oxford Wasp Control – Fast & Effective Treatments Guaranteed!

There are a number of locations in which a nest could be found. One of the most common is in the loft, where the wasps will be able to build their home without interference from any of their usual predators. If left untreated, the nest is likely to grow in size over the following weeks. At a time like this, you need the expertise and dedication of our wasp nest removal team.

Garages, sheds and outhouses are also popular locations, as well as inside cavity walls. In some cases, you might have a nest outdoors, in hollow trees or perhaps in a disused rodent barrow. Wherever the nest might be, and however large it may get, we can treat it with chemicals that will soon help you to become wasp-free. The best option, as always, in such matters is to get in touch with our specialists.

More and more home and business owners in Oxford and across Oxfordshire have turned to us in their hour of need recently, and we never let them down. You need fast treatment, guaranteed results and a fair price, and that’s exactly what you find with us. For more information on our top of the range service, get in touch today and see why we have become the go-to pest control professionals in the local area.

For the most professional wasp nest removal Oxford has to offer, pick up the phone and call the experts for advice!

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