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When you have issues with insect control you simply have to call in the professionals, and that’s why you need Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal. It’s at times like this when only the very best will do, so be sure to contact us at the earliest opportunity. Our world-class service is available to both home and business owners in Milton Keynes 7 days a week.

Wasp nests vary in size, but they are especially large in late summer and early autumn. We strongly advise our customers to leave the nest well alone, and to let the experts take care of it instead. If well-meaning amateurs attempt to treat or remove the nest, the consequences can be extremely dangerous. Wasps will attack in numbers if they start to feel threatened.

Our reputation in Milton Keynes is impressive, thanks to many years of working on a variety of pest control issues throughout the area. We are members of Checkatrade, and we are proud to say that a great deal of our custom comes from repeat business. We believe in providing a superb service for a fair and affordable price, so make sure you contact us soon.

Discreet Service

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Only £59

Get rid of wasps, hornets & bees for only £59.00!

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Same Day Service

Our fully trained, highly knowledgeable experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In many cases, we come out on the day that you call, and during busy periods we will visit the nest day. It’s reassuring to know that when it comes to wasp nest removal Milton Keynes home and business owners are able to choose the very best.

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Guaranteed Treatments

We treat nests with a strong, fast-acting insecticide which has an impressive 98% success rate. The chemicals start to have an effect from the very beginning, and you can expect to see little or no wasp activity within a couple of hours. In the unlikely event of the insecticide not having the desired effect there may be a need for a repeat visit, but if this happens we will re-treat the nest at no extra charge to the customer.

Safe & Effective

Whether you have one nest or more in and around the property, you will want fast, decisive action. Our treatment is quick and extremely effective, and we can usually apply the chemicals from outside the building. We recommend keeping children and pets away from the area for a short while, as well as people who have allergies to wasp stings.

Service You Can Trust

There are a number of locations in which a nest can be located, including lofts, sheds and even in old rodent burrows. The one thing you need more than anything else is a qualified professional who can advise you from the start and eradicate the insects as quickly as possible. We will also survey the vicinity to make sure there are no other nests nearby.


Here at Milton Keynes Wasp Nest Removal, we know all about the habits and behaviour patterns of wasps, so we always know where to look for nests. Those nests which are to be found in places which are difficult to reach present no problem to us at all. We always use the latest state of the art equipment, and that includes tools which can reach previously inaccessible places.

Milton Keynes Insect Control – Fast & Effective Treatments Guaranteed!

In late summer months you may hear a great deal of noise in the evenings in the loft or in cavity wall spaces. The sound you can hear is that of a nest being constructed, and at this time of the year it may contain ten thousand or more inhabitants. When you become aware of the presence of a nest, you need to engage experts who will take swift, decisive action.

Within two or three hours of the treatment being applied, the only wasps you’re likely to see will be the occasional one returning to the nest after searching for food. These will be eradicated as soon as they re-enter the nest itself. In most cases, we leave the nest in place once it has been treated, because wasps never return to one that has been used before. If you definitely want it removed, we can do so for a small extra charge.

No matter how stressed you might be feeling about the presence of a nest on your property, there is no need to worry once you have made contact with our specialists. We know that many of our customers are extremely worried when they first call, but we go to great lengths to offer a calming influence. Milton Keynes Wasp Control are genuine experts, so there is no need to worry once we have been engaged.

For the best wasp nest removal Milton Keynes has on offer call our office today!

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