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If you have noticed more wasp activity than usual in recent days, it may be that you have a nest in the vicinity. Whether you’re just suspicious or perhaps you have discovered a nest, the sensible strategy involves a call or email to Aylesbury Wasp Nest Removal. We are the go-to professionals for a great many local home and business owners, so make sure you get in touch today.

Wasps like to construct their nests in areas which offer protection from other predators, and that means they will look for quiet, warm locations before the building process can begin. Popular spots include roof spaces, lofts, sheds and in cavity walls. It should be noted that nests are also commonly found outside, in bushes, hollow trees and disused rodent burrows.

Wherever the nest may be located, we strongly advise all of our customers to leave it well alone. Treating a nest is a job that’s best left to the qualified professionals, because there is a potential for great danger if well-meaning amateurs tackle the task instead. If the wasps feel threatened or if they think their nest is in peril they will often attack in large numbers.

Discreet Service

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Only £45

Get rid of wasps, hornets & bees for only £45.00!

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Same Day Wasp Control

Unlike many other pest controllers, Aylesbury Wasp Nest Removal offer a 24/7 service, so you know you will be able to contact us as and when you need. In the majority of cases, our rapid response service will be able to come to your property on the same day that you call. During busy periods, however, we will come to you on the following day.

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Guaranteed Treatments

The safest and most effective way to ensure the neutralisation of a wasp nest is to use extremely strong insecticides, and ours is potent enough to have a 98% success rate. Once we apply our insecticide in the affected area, we know that wasp activity is likely to desist within just two or three hours. Apart from the occasional returning insect, you’ll see no more wasps in or around the location of the nest.

Safe & Effective

As you might expect when using ultra-strong insecticides, we ask that children and pets are kept away from the area for a short while. Once our experts have declared the area safe, life can start to return to normal for you, your family or your employees. In the unlikely event of a return visit to the nest being necessary, we will do so at no extra charge to you.

Service You Can Trust

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for fast response times, effective treatments and high quality after-care. We have been providing first-class insect control for a long time, and during that period we have always given customer satisfaction the highest priority. Our experts are friendly, informative, experienced and knowledgeable, and this has helped us to become the number one choice.


We believe in offering the finest service for a fair and affordable price, and that means you can use our Aylesbury wasp control service for the low fixed price of just £45. In these uncertain economic times, we know how important it is to know what you’re spending, and that’s why we are proud of the fact that our fixed price means just that.

Aylesbury Insect Control – Fast & Effective Treatments Guaranteed!

As long as we have your permission to enter the garden area, we may be able to treat the nest without the need for you to be at home when we call. Our state of the art service features the very latest far-reach equipment, so in many cases we can apply insecticide from ground level. We spray the access points which the wasps are using, and they then transfer the chemicals into the nest itself.

While wasps can be a major nuisance throughout the summer, they tend to become more problematic as autumn gets closer. By this time of the year, many nests can play host to ten thousand or more wasps, so it’s important to call in the experts as soon as you suspect their presence. It goes without saying of course that the more wasps there are, the more likely they are to come into the property.

When you have an issue that needs to be dealt with, you want experts who offer a speedy solution. For this reason, you need the help of Aylesbury Wasp Nest Removal at the earliest opportunity. This is one of those occasions when you need to call in the best specialists of all, and ours are ready and waiting to help you.

For the best wasp nest removal Aylesbury has on offer call our office today!

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