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It can be more than a little traumatic to discover a wasp nest in the home or business premises, but there is no need for panic at this stage. All you have to do is call Buckinghamshire Wasp Nest Removal and let our experts take things from there. Our professionals are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable, so be sure to get in touch.

There are times when you notice a great deal more wasp activity in and around the property, but you don’t necessarily know if you have a nest. Our specialists will know where to look, and will be able to keep you informed right from the start. And if we discover a nest, we will be able to treat it in no time at all.

The important thing to remember is that treating wasp nests in Buckinghamshire is a job for the experts. A nest can contain a huge number of wasps, especially in the late summer months, and the inhabitants will attack in large numbers if they feel their home is under threat. Be sure to use the professionals every time.

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Get rid of wasps, hornets & bees for only £59.00!

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Same Day Service

In many cases, we come out to you on the day of your call, although it may be the next day during busy periods. We offer a 24/7 operation for our customers in Buckinghamshire, so you can be sure of our full attention. Once you have made an appointment, we will confirm it by email or text message.

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Guaranteed Treatments

We always use an extremely strong insecticide to treat nests, and it’s one that has an impressive 98% success rate. On very rare occasions we have to come out again to re-treat a nest, but for your peace of mind we offer this service at no extra charge. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Safe & Effective

When we apply the insecticide, we ask that children and pets are kept clear of the area for a short while, but once we have done our job life in the property can return to normal. We usually spray the access points used by the wasps, so we are able to eradicate the insects even if their nest is in a location that’s not easy to reach.

Service You Can Trust

Over the years, our Wasp Nest Removal in Buckinghamshire has become the number one choice for a large number of both domestic and commercial customers. We always know they have other options open to them, so we are keen to offer top quality results and a friendly, helpful manner. We are proud of the amount of repeat business we enjoy.


Wasp control in Buckinghamshire is always affordable with us, because we offer a fixed cost service for just £59. For this exceptionally low cost, we will come to you, treat the nest and eradicate the insects quickly and decisively. There are no hidden extras to worry about, when we say £59 that’s exactly what we mean.

Buckinghamshire Insect Control – Fast & Effective Treatments Guaranteed!

You may have a single nest in the property or in the garden, or perhaps even several nests in the vicinity. Either way, we will take the stress away from you right from the start. This is a situation that needs decisive action from the experts.

We have been providing a first-class wasp nest removal service in Buckinghamshire and beyond for many years, and we continue to set the highest standards. Whether you’re a home or business owner, you need help from the very best when you have a wasp nest in the vicinity. Wasps can build their nests in any location which offers protection, security and ease of access. That means they will often look for loft spaces, hollow trees and even in the gaps offered by cavity walls. At the start of the summer, nests may be rather small, but as we head towards autumn they grow in size substantially.

Buckinghamshire Wasp Nest Removal bring you the rapid response you need, and the reputation you can rely on. One call or email to our specialists is all it takes to bring you the ultimate peace of mind.

We truly believe we offer the most comprehensive wasp nest removal Buckinghamshire has to offer and all for just £45.00!

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